Perfect Union Lodge No. 10

Community Builder Award, September 2, 2008

Presentation of Community Builder Award to Gay Lynn Dickerson  by Brett Doyle, Worshipful Master

Gay Lynn Dickerson:

Has been an educator for 14 years at Healy Murphy High School. She works with untraditional students (parenting students and pregnant teens.

She is the girl’s volleyball coach and has been for 5 years and also coached boy’s basketball for one year.

Assisted homebound students (new mothers) in keeping up with their studies while they on maternity leave.

 She is a member of:

Healy Murphy scholarship committee

Healy Murphy 2008-2009 Senior sponsors.

ARD (Admission Review Dismissal) committee

SCUBA Dive Master for 10years

Reef Member

San Antonio Livestock Commission

American Quarter Horse Association

UTSA Graduate

The following is from the Healey Murphy Web Page:

Why Students Attend HMC

The students who seek out Healy-Murphy Center have encountered countless trials and hardships in their short lives. Often due to circumstances beyond their control, the teenagers we serve find themselves in a position that seems hopeless. Some students have been victims of physical or sexual abuse, some have been in and out of foster care from a very young age, and each year roughly half of our students are pregnant and/or parenting teens. For many, the adults in their lives have failed them. With little help or support from those around them, these students fall behind in their coursework and quickly lose hope of graduating from high school.

For young mothers, a lack of childcare becomes the roadblock to their education. Young males with no one to care for them may find themselves in and out of the criminal justice system. Teenagers with little money for food or basic necessities find it very difficult to focus on school and attend classes when they need to work to support themselves and their families.

For these reasons and many more, students often arrive at Healy-Murphy Center greatly discouraged and believing that this is their last chance at an education and a better life. We offer programs and services that help students beat the challenges they currently face and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of their dreams.

With a strong parenting program taught by a registered nurse, teen parents learn how to care for and nurture their children. With an intense literacy program, students who enroll with a third or seventh grade reading level master this vital skill. With caring faculty and staff members that are committed to educating the next generation, graduates leave Healy-Murphy Center with not only their high school diploma, but the skills and knowledge it takes to become responsible adults and productive members of our community.

Here at Healy-Murphy Center, our goal is to pave the road to a brighter future and walk with students as they discover opportunities for a better life through education and the hope that lies ahead.

Perfect Union Lodge has supported the school with grants and scholarships for several years and was proud to recognize one of the educators at the school.