Lodge Officers attend 2006 Grand Lodge in Waco

Left to Right front row: Tom Hyde, Jr., PM ; Bob Arburn, WM; Brett Doyle, JW ;  Brian Schlameus, SW

Second Row: Wayne Cordes, MC, PM; George Mills, PM ; Tom Young, PM; Ernest Reich, Chaplain, PM

Brethren enjoying Friday Evening Dinner in Waco



   Brett Doyle, Brian Schlameus, Tom Young          Tom Hyde, Jr., Brian Schlameus, Tom Young,

                                          and WM Bob Arburn



George Mills, Wayne Cordes, & Bruce Baker                   Bruce Baker and Ernest Reich              



Kent Crickard and Elliott Samuels                      Andrew Medeiros and Robert Schero, Jr.

Last two pictures above are Brethren from Albert Pike Lodge at an adjoining table.

 . Cornerstone of Grand Lodge Building in Waco

2013 Perfect Union Lodge