Square & Compasses


Golden Trowel Award for Bruce Wayne Baker
June 18, 2013

White Shirt-Wes Bowie, SS Elect
Clockwise-James McLendon, SS; Jeremy Gustamente, Ashley Gustamente, Isabelle Bowie, Tiffany, Rayne Gustamente.

L-R. William E. (Justin) Reich, II, SW, WM, PT; Sharon Reich; William Reich (Father of Justin Reich and PM of Bandera 1123, and member of PU-10, and Caleb Burnett.
L-R. Yellow shirt going around the table to the left: John David Baker, Bruce Baker, Charlotte Baker, Joe Garcia, petitioner, his daughter Josette, next male is Mike Baker (FC), son of Bruce Baker.

Nichole and Anthony Trujillo, JW, and Wayne Cordes, PM.

Guests and members enjoying dinner before presentation. A guest in her father's lap.
Brother Baker and Justin Reich, WM, PT Brother Cordes at podium and Bruce Baker and Justin Reich
Guests and officers on one side of the Lodge. Master of Ceremonies, Wayne Cordes, PM, reading the Masonic Record of accomplishents during Brother Baker's time as Worshipful Master.
Bruce Baker, wife Charlotte, and
Justin Reich
Bruce Baker, wife Charlotte placing the Golden Trowel Pin in Bruce's lapel, and
Justin Reich
L-R. Bruce Baker and Justin Reich L-R. John David Baker, Michael Baker (FC), Bruce W. Baker, PM, & Wife Charlotte Baker.


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